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Your Space.

Whatever your style, we'll help you achieve it.

Welcome Home

Choosing an interior designer can be a scary endeavor, we know. You can relax. Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision to life – on schedule and on budget.

Interior Design Services

Transforming Your Space One Design at a Time

As a leading interior designer, I know what it means to provide exceptional customer service. I offer clients a unique and innovative approach to tackling all their design needs. From inception to installation — I take care of everything at unbeatable prices. Call me today and book a consultation!

Pre-Construction Consultation

Everyone knows how important your space is to your general well being, so why not add a touch of flair to your life? With some nice shades, a well-planned Pre-Construction Consultation, and some functional features, you can brighten up your space and give it a bit of personality. Bring out the new you through your space!

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Lighting Design Consultation

Every space has its own personality, and with a few touch ups and the right Lighting Design Consultation, you can really make it shine. At Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann, I work with my clients throughout the whole process, and make sure to bring their vision to life with my designs.

Spatial Planning

A lot of people underestimate the importance of well thought out Spatial Planning and the impact it can have on their space. Since 2008, I’ve been designing spaces in a wide range of different fields and areas, and work together with my clients to create the designs that are most suitable to their specific needs.

Space Planning
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