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About Naomi...

Naomi brings a truly personal touch as she makes you a part of the creative process and guides you through the stages of the transformation of your space. Her delicate attention to detail allows her to help her clients craft a space, large or small, that is as personal as the furniture or art pieces used to accentuate it.

Her design reflects the meticulous attention paid to details large and small, from the clean lines of an office, to the zen-like feel of a fitness spa. From the décor and urban style of a newly opened night club on the main, to the cozy and comfy feel of the coffee house down the road. Naomi has transformed plain condo spaces into refined and luxurious living spaces. Whether you are searching for a more refreshed feel to a room in your home, or a complete facelift of your kitchen, Naomi will provide you with a professional vision that will re-invigorate how you feel in your space.

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